Thursday, December 12, 2013

Grand Street Cafe

So to start out with some big news, we are in the process of selling our condo and buying a new house. Big grown up step! In the meantime, we have moved in with Joe's amazing parents while we stage our home. This way, we can keep the condo pristine at all times. The good news: we are saving money, we are spending lots of time with family, and we get to enjoy my mother in law's cooking every night. The bad news: that means I'm not cooking every night; i.e. no recipes to share with you all. I can't even take pictures of Cathy cooking and share it (of course giving her credit) because by the time I get home it is usually done. What's a girl to do. 

Well, last Friday night, Joe and I went on a date to the new Grand Street Cafe in Lenexa, Kansas. The Grand Street Cafe that is on the Plaza is a favorite of ours, and we were excited to check out their new location. The meal was so amazing (as usual) that I thought it was worth sharing. Yay something to write about!

When we got there, the place was very busy. While we waited for a table, we hung out at the bar and got a few drinks. I forwent my usual glass of wine for their Pomtini. Back in my younger days, I would always order fancy, frilly drinks, and always had a mixed reaction when it came to Pomegranate Martinis. They are hit and miss in my opinion. This Pomtini was a hit. It was a little slushier than a usual Pomegranate Martini, which I loved. And it was still a sweet fun drink without getting too sweet. I would highly recommend it.

Once we got to our table, we ordered the White Cheddar Fondu. We order this every time we come to Grand Street, and for a reason. It is amazing. The Fondu usually ends with the awkward "you can have the last pretzel if you want it" dance where you actually want the last pretzel and hope they still let you have it. Just hope for an even number of pretzels to make it easier on yourself. 

For Dinner, Joe ordered the Filet, and I ordered the Grilled Sirloin Salad. I'm a huge red meat eater, and would almost always order the Filet over anything, but I've literally craved this salad before. It really is soooooo good. 

All in all, we have a wonderful, stuffed evening. If you are ever in the Kansas City area, you should definitely stop by one of their two locations. You will not be disappointed. 

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  1. Looks delicious! I could use a good pomtini tonight :)


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