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On my 27th birthday, I made some food resolutions. On my 28th birthday, I only did about half of those. Here is a list of food I want to make... eventually...

1. Julia Child's beef bourguignon
2. macarons
3. truffels
4. lobster bisque
5. bagels
6. croissants
7. gumbo
8. pretzels
9. home made pizza dough
10. gnocchi
11. roasted chicken
12. pho

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  1. What a great list! So fun to have a list of goals that is entirely food based. I should do that! Anyhow, I made it a goal in 2013 to make my first French Macarons and it actually turned out really well! I haven't got my own blog post up yet.. but I used this great video/recipe tutorial on fine cooking's website. I hope you find it useful! I decided to fill mine with the Lemon Curd recipe (also in the tutorial) and some blackberry jam that is a favorite in my house. I'm so excited to attempt making more in the future. Hope you find this useful! It certainly helped me! :) -Alexandra

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