Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me + Food Resolutions

Today is my 27th birthday! I know you all are as incredibly excited as I am. I will admit (and my close friends will probably be able to tell you) that I have an unnatural obsession with my birthday. When I was younger, I would call it my favorite holiday. When I got older and realized that seemed somewhat narcissistic, I changed my favorite holiday to Christmas, and kept the truth to myself. Joe obviously knows, since he knew to choose this day to propose to me 2 years ago. Best birthday present ever :)

This year, my 27th year on earth, I decided to have some resolutions. Food resolutions if you will. There are a number of items that I have really wanted to try to make, but have been much too intimidated. Food resolution #1: stop being intimidated. I know I'm still learning, but how will I really learn how to make these things if I never try. So here it is. The list of 12 dishes that I plan on making before I turn 28. And when I say make, I mean make successfully.

Why 12? Because that is my favorite number. And yes, because my birthday is on the 12th. Told you. Unnatural Obsession...

1. Julia Child's beef bourguignon
2. macarons
3. truffels
4. lobster bisque
5. bagels
6. croissants
7. gumbo
8. pretzels
9. home made pizza dough
10. gnocchi
11. roasted chicken
12. pho

I will keep track of it on this blog and see where we are in a year.

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