Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Potato Soup

So it happened. I've failed on my low carb diet. Maybe it was the Jerusalem Cafe Food truck calling me during lunch almost everyday. I swear I could smell the warm pitas all the way in my office. Or maybe it is because carbs are happiness, and I like being happy. Who knows. But bright side, that added insulation around my mid-section will help keep me warm this winter right? I mean, it can get cold in Kansas City (not Minnesota cold, but cold nonetheless). The temperature during the the Chiefs game this weekend was freezing. But, like a good Norwegian, I bared it out. 

This soup that I'm sharing today actually started my downfall. I was on the Pioneer Woman's website, trying to win a flowery kitchenaid mixer (spoiler alert: I didn't win :( ) when I saw a link to a potato soup recipe. I love potato soup. Actually, I love potatoes in general (honestly, who doesn't). My dad grew up on a potato farm in Southern Minnesota, and my family would have numerous potato dishes at every get together. I guess it is just part of my blood. 

So of course I had to try this recipe. The Pioneer Woman is one of the only cooking shows I enjoy watching (have you ever seen her make fried eggs? They look like plastic. In a good way.) and I trusted her judgment that this recipe was delicious. She did not lead me astray. 

You can find the recipe here.


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  1. Yum. You are not helping my motivation to cut the carbs...


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