Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend of Celebrations

This past weekend, Joe and I traveled up to Minnesota for a weekend of celebrations. Not only was it the bridal shower of a long time family friend, but it was my nieces first birthday!

Saturday morning was the bridal shower for a lifelong family friend, Kathleen. Kathleen grew up down the street from me, and her family has been in my life since I can remember. They are like a family to us, and have even in past years spent Christmas with us. Carol, Kathleen's mom, hosted my bridal shower, and my sister was hosting Kathleen's.

Kathleen loves to travel, and has spent years in France. Therefore, her shower ended up being French garden party themed. It was luckily a beautiful day, so Hillary (with my and our mom's help) set up the party outside.

While I was in charge of the drinks (which includes a recipe I plan on sharing sometime this week), Hillary went overboard with the food. It was a French feast, including some French items that were gluten and dairy free (for those with sensitivities). It was out of control. I don't know how she does it.

I may have gone into carb overload.

The only thing Hillary didn't make herself were the desserts. She did, however, buy the desserts from an amazing local bakery, which has the distinction of selling what Andrew Zimmern once called his favorite cookie. 

Andrew Zimmern's favorite cookie

It ended up being a great day, and I think the beautiful bride enjoyed it.

After the shower, Hillary and I joined our husbands and Hillary's twins, who were at a local campsite with our cousin, Anna, and her family. Anna, her husband, and 2 children just got a brand new camper, and were camping about 15 minutes away from where Hillary lives.

At the campsite there was a little zoo, so at one point the kids went over to feed the animals (they sell feed at the front desk, so they are actually allowed to feed the animals). While they obviously weren't able to feed anything, my sister's babies seemed to enjoy themselves.

I do want to add that they were much farther away from the fence than it looks in this picture. The animals wouldn't have been able to reach them.
Anna's son, Jonas, taking care of the babies

The next day was the girl's first birthday party! On another beautiful Minnesota day, we celebrated the cutest twins in the world with a pool party at my sisters. Yep, that is two parties two days in a row for her.

My dad may have won for best dressed at the party.

Lily seemed to enjoy his shirt.

There were, of course, many pictures taken that day. 

Anna's son, Jonas, picked the girls flowers. Anna tried to eat hers.
Anna enjoying her present from me and Joe
Joe and Mike making a bonfire
Lily enjoying her other presents from me and Joe

I hope you had a good weekend!
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