Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Links

I'll admit, the last few weeks have been pretty busy, and I haven't had much chance to cook anything worth sharing. As a result, here are some links that I thought were worth sharing:

(1) This video might be the nerdiest lawyer thing I've ever seen, but it makes me so happy. If you've ever taken a Constitutional Law class, this is hilarious."I love you like Lawrence v. Texas..."

(2) Just discovered the blog Pink Peonies and am obsessed. I literally find myself wanting to buy everything she is wearing. 

(3) While I already have an iphone case that I love, and I'm not prone to changing my cases, I love, love, love this Tori Burch iphone case. 

(4) Found this recipe on Pinterest on how to make a giant pop-tart. It claims to be a "hand pie" but no, it's a pop-tart. 

(5) On Saturday I was walking around the Plaza before meeting a friend for a late lunch, and happened across the perfect shoes at J Crew. Are you reading this Joe? :)

(6) These are apparently the 4 best skinny Margarita recipes out there. Nothing is better than a margarita in the summer. 

(7) GQ's guide to naming a baby. No I'm not pregnant, just thought it was pretty funny. 

(8) 25 signs you're from Minneapolis. 28 signs you grew up in Kansas City.  I think Buzzfeed as one of these for every city.

(9) Lilly Pulitzer just came out with their new fall line. I LOVE this dress. And this dress. And basically all of them...

(10) 13 diet food that sabotage weight loss

(11) Girl Code

(12) Wise words from Mark Twain (Missouri native. Whoot whoot!) 

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