Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Favorites

(1) Apparently, someone out there makes swimmable mermaid tails (available on etsy). Being that when I was younger I would often times swim underwater like I was a mermaid (because of my obsession with Ariel, the Little Mermaid) it seems that my childhood dream has come true. 

It would have gone perfectly with the little mermaid costume I wore almost every day on land, even when it was cold out...

(2) Speaking of childhood memories, I finally got to watch "OZ" this past weekend. While I'll admit, to me the movie was in a weird place of being too adult for children and too childish for adults, the Wizard of Oz holds a special place in my heart, so I did enjoy it. Not only do I now live in a city that is half in Kansas (so there are Wizard of Oz memorabilia sold EVERYWHERE), my parents lake house is close to the town that Judy Garland grew up in. Again, Wizard of Oz memorabilia EVERYWHERE. 

The biggest reason I love that story so much, however, is because I played Dorothy in our high school musical version of the play. Yep, a blond Dorothy. I love that movie.

(3) Saturday afternoon, I went for a walk with my girlfriend Jennifer and her little puppy. It was nice and sunny when we left, and then, out of nowhere, a storm front rolled it and it started to monsoon. We had to run to the park bathroom and call her husband,who was at work, to come pick us up.

The one I feel the most sorry for, however, is her puppy, who does not like rain... poor little girl.

(4) Friday night dinner. This is the best dinner combo of all time in my opinion...

Have a good weekend!

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