Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Favorites

(1) Monday night I was finally able to spend some time on a patio. Yay for Summer! Some girlfriends and I went to Extra Virgin in the Crossroads area of Kansas City, which has an amazing Monday night deal. They have a pizza of the night (ours had prosciutto, basil, and mozzarella. It was amazing), and you are allowed to bring up to 2 bottles of your own wine which they will serve without a cork fee. And all the rest of the bottles are half off! I'm definitely going to be making more Monday trips back there :)

(2) Joe also had a fun Monday. He went to a charity golf tournament all day, and left with a whole lot of swag (which was all donated. ALL the donated money that came from the tournament actually went to charity). This swag even included "flowers for your wife". Now this is a golf tournament I can get behind.

(3) Wednesday night, Joe made the mistake of informing me that the play version of "Les Miserables", my all time favorite play that I literally have memorized, was on TV. He got the joy of watching me sing along to all the parts and dance around the living room. He must have been soooo happy to be married to me at that moment.

(4) I went to Barnes & Noble to buy the book the book club I'm in (recent development) is reading: "Ladies for Liberty" by John Blundell. They unfortunately didn't carry it, and I ended up impulse buying another book that I've wanted to read for awhile. Don't judge me...

(5) Joe and I are headed out to Denver this weekend for a conference for Joe's company. My parents are coming too. Should be fun!

Have a good weekend!

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