Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Favorites

(1) I learned on Bar Rescue (great show) that you stir martinis instead of shake them. I guess that is part of what made James Bond so rebellious.

(2) Celebrated Cinco De Mayo with some strawberry margaritas and Mexican food.

(3) Watched "Queen of Versailles" on Bravo last weekend. It is a documentary following an incredibly rich family who was building the largest home in America until the crash of 2008 in which they lost a lot of money. But, really, were still very rich. Very interesting, and one of those movies you can't stop watching no matter how much you want to.

(4) I tried a juicing cleanse. Well kinda. I used my juicer for the first time and had juice every morning for breakfast and most dinners. I like to think of it as a juice cleanse lite.

(5) I joined a new gym last week. It reminds me of my old one in Minneapolis that I LOVED, complete with an outside pool that has drink service for when it finally gets warm. Also so happy to have a steam room to go to. Oh, and I guess you work out there too....

(6) Going to the Lake of the Ozarks for our anniversary this weekend (a truly romantic destination right? :))! I figured since it was our anniversary, I could pack the big suitcase for the weekend and Joe couldn't say anything...

Have a good weekend!

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