Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Favorites- Minnesota Edition

This week's Friday Favorites is going to be Minnesota themed. Or really, Growing up in Minnesota then living out of state themed.

As a person who grew up in Minnesota, and then left, I've noticed a few instances where I've said or done something that the non-Minnesotans around me didn't understand. Basically, they are side effects of growing up Minnesotan and then leaving.

Here are just a few examples:

(1) During my first class ever at my out of state college, the class was supposed to introduce themselves and say where they were from. When I said I was from Minnesota, the professor said "Interesting. Please, tell everyone what a 'Hot Dish' is". I had no idea why people wouldn't know what a "Hot Dish" was, and just stared blankly at him. That was the minute I realized Minnesotans had some phrases that were unique to them. And in case you don't know, a Hot Dish is the Minnesotan phrase for a casserole.

(2) I feel like a giant when I'm not in Minnesota. At 5'9, I was on the average to shorter end on the height spectrum of my girlfriends. Due to all the Germans and Norwegians that ended up living in Minnesota, people tend to be very tall. Before moving down to Missouri, I told a couple of my girlfriends they could have some of my higher heels, which lead to this...

The injury...

(3) Before moving out of state, I used think everyone had the same affinity as I did for Paul Bunyan. Paul Bunyan, the giant lumberjack, is an American legend. He is an icon in Minnesota because he lived there with Babe, his big blue Ox. We grew up learning about him in class, see large statues dedicated to him all over the state, and have a ride dedicated to him at the theme park in the Mall of America (the log flume). He is even featured on my hot dish potholder that is the first picture on this post. When I was planning my wedding, I was working with a New York based paper company I found on Etsy to design my table numbers. The table numbers were going to have images of Missouri and Minnesota on them, and say "From the City of Fountains to the City of Lakes" (Kansas City being the City of Fountains and Minneapolis being the City of Lakes, the two cities' nicknames). I thought it would be fun to have Babe the Blue Ox on the Minnesota image, because legend has it he was the one that made all the lakes in Minnesota (even though I've also heard the lakes are Paul Bunyan's footprints, but for the sake of the story let's stick to Babe). When I got them, it finally occurred to me that no one was going to get it besides maybe Minnesotans. And not even them most likely, because Babe the Blue Ox ended up looking like just a blue cow. I guess those New Yorkers who designed the table numbers weren't inundated with images of the majestic beast growing up like us Minnesotans are.

(4) This past winter in Kansas City, we had a lot of snow. Well, for Missouri we had a lot of snow. Apparently, on the Plaza in Kansas City, the snow removal strategy is so gather all the snow into one big pile and then eventually take it away.

We used to have snow piles like this all the time in Elementary school when they would plow the parking lots (although they would not be in the middle of everything like these snow piles). We used to always play "King of the Mountain" during recess (a game where you basically throw other kids off the snow pile and if you are on top you are "King of the Mountain"). I tweeted how I so wanted to play on that snow pile on the Plaza, and then saw this...

Wait, does that mean adults are allowed to?

(5) A couple of weeks ago, my husband Joe revealed to my family and I that his first bonfire ever was at my sister's house a couple of years ago. My sister has a huge fire pit, and we kept finding Joe going into the woods and putting more and more wood on the fire. He did the same when we were up north at my parents and were having a bonfire at the lake. I thought it was adorable. He was like my big, strong lumberjack :) Growing up in Minnesota, we would have bonfires all the time. Even in the winter. Whether it be by the lake during the summer, out in the woods while camping, or just in someone's backyard, they were pretty frequent occurrences. After he told us this, I think I asked him about a million times if he was serious. I'm sure he loved that.

(6) I do, and will forever, love Prince. It's just part of being a Minnesotan. All Minnesotans love Prince.

He if from there and still lives there if that all explains it. We are a loyal bunch.

Plus his music is amazing.

Have a good weekend!

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