Thursday, January 17, 2013

Success Meals Diet

So I have a confession to make. I haven't cooked a thing since the new year. Not because I've given up my quest to be more domestic though! As a Christmas present, my father in law got us 3 months of success meals.

What are success meals? It is a local Kansas City company that calculates how many calories you need a day to lose weight, and then drops off all your meals for the day. 6 days a week. Since rediscovering pizza and mexican after the wedding, Joe and I could both stand to lose a few pounds.

All the food is delicious too! The company provides us 5 small meals a day. And even though the servings are small, I never feel hungry. Even if I get jealous at how much more food Joe gets than me everyday.

You get dessert everyday too! And yes that is the background on my work computer...

And once a week you have an off day, which we've been spending at Cisco's Cantina. As it was explained to us, eating what you want one day a week it is not only necessary for your mental health, but it is good for the diet as well. Keeps you from plateauing (or something like that). Plus, Cheese Enchiladas are my weakness, so it makes me happy I can still have them.

Even if you don't live in Kansas City and can't try success meals for yourself, there are some things that can be learned from this diet:
(1) When I saw the portions I was getting, I realized I was eating wayyyy too much on a daily basis. Something to think about.
(2) Taking vitamins and fish oil is great for so many reasons. They were recommended when we started. I know, I saw the Today show story too on how vitamins really don't do much for you. However, I may not be a doctor, but I've noticed a difference in how I feel ever since I've started taking them.
(3) Eating small meals will keep you from eating too much later. Before the wedding I would have 2 luna bars a day; 1 mid-morning and 1 mid-afternoon. I stopped doing that afterwards, and starting this diet made me realize I shouldn't have stopped.

I still plan on cooking on Sundays. So no need to fear! This blog will not be taking a hiatus. I know you were all worried :)

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