Friday, September 6, 2013

Norway/Denmark Vacation 2013- The Food

While on vacation last week I will admit, we did not enjoy the local food as much as I would have liked. Mostly because we were on a cruise, where there was amazing food available at all times (and for free). Dinner alone every night would be at least 4 courses, and often we would be be too busy to eat lunch. However, the few things we did eat when we hit land I thought were worth mentioning.

For one, the first place we ate after we checked in in Copenhagen was this Italian restaurant near the hotel. It was absolutely amazing, and the closest I've had to authentic Italian food since being in Italy. I had ordered an amazing pesto dish, which my niece Lily, who was sitting on my lap, ate the majority of. My hubby, however, hit the jackpot with the largest calzone I have ever seen. 

Every morning in Copenhagen we would have breakfast at the hotel. These breakfasts were very similar to breakfasts I've had in hotels in other countries, which were big on cheeses, breads, and pastries. They also had some amazing Swedish pancakes (kind of like crepes) that I intend to try and make very soon. There was a lack of nutella, which I had every day when I was in Italy and Germany, but I will forgive them because Denmark seriously has the best coffee I've ever had. I need to find some Danish coffee. If anyone knows where I can find that (preferably in k-cup form) please let me know.

The hotel also had this really cool orange juice machine. You just drop an entire orange in there and out comes fresh squeezed juice. Another thing I'm looking for if anyone knows where to find one. 

For lunch, we stopped in the Nyhavn area of Copenhagen. It did make for a beautiful lunch view. 

I tried the lobster bisque. Same as in America.

At dinner that night, we stopped at Cafe Emma, a restaurant my sister had heard about and one that did not disappoint. I ordered a chorizo and brie sandwich, which came open faced in true European form. I do plan on recreating this recipe sometime soon. Delicious.

As I mentioned in my last post, while on the Stavanger, Norway fjord boat trip we stopped for some Norwegian waffles. Norwegian waffles consist of soft waffles topped with a tart yogurt and jam. Another thing I plan on recreating sometime soon. 

While we were in Grainger, Norway, while my husband, brother in law, and I took the bike trip down the fjord, my sister, mom and dad, and the girls went to a local farm. They picked up Geitost cheese; brown goat cheese so popular in Norway that apparently you aren't a true Norwegian until you've tried it. I of course tried it, and had my husband try it also so he would be an honorary Norwegian as well, making our future children even more Norwegian. Trust me, it makes sense... trust me...

It kind of tastes like a combination of cheese and caramel. Low and behold, they also make caramels out of this cheese.

On our last day in Norway, we visited the Bergen fish market. If you are ever in Bergen, you need to stop here. The best seafood you will ever have. I already wrote about most of what we ate in my last post (including the whale), but I thought I would point out the way the people at the fish market cooked their crab. When my family has crab, we generally boil it. However, at the fish market, the people at the stands would cut up the crab into slices, cut the slices in half, and would grill them. It was really, really good, and definitely another option when cooking crab.

Last, but not least, my sister and I did get shot of Aquavit while in Bergen. We felt like we had to. I have to say, it did taste a lot like the kind I made back in December. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my trip! Again, I will leave you with a couple more cute pictures of my nieces:

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