Monday, August 12, 2013

Lazy Day Pasta

You know those days. The day that you wake up, don't have to go to work, and don't really want to get out of bed. You plan your day around being able to wear you pajamas as long as possible. There is a Real Housewives marathon, so your day has already been claimed. Sorry other humans, you won't be seeing me today. Those days are the only days where you are happy it's raining out, because not only does that make your home more cozy, it is even more of an excuse not to leave your house.

Those are the best days. The ultra-lazy days. 

More than likely it's also been a few days since you've gone grocery shopping. You've already made your meals for the week, and there are only the staples left in your refrigerator. Those leftovers are no longer safe to eat. You could order in, but you've been doing that too much lately and are kind of sick of your options. What to do.

Well, you can do what I do and just throw what you have with some pasta and call it a meal. That's when I started eating my lazy day pasta. Basically, it is just a mixture of what we always have in our cupboard or refrigerator: whole wheat pasta, olive oil, shaved Parmesan, salt and pepper, and crushed red pepper. It's simple, quick, delicious, and I you don't have to leave your house to buy any of the ingredients (if you are like me and these are your staples). Plus, you really don't have to worry about measuring your ingredients, just put in as much as you deem necessary. The perfect lazy day meal.

Lazy Day Pasta

Whole wheat pasta
Shaved Parmesan (you can use any kind of parmesan, but this kind melts oh so nicely over the pasta)
olive oil
salt and pepper
crushed red pepper

Cook the pasta according the package directions.

Once cooked and drained, swirl the olive oil once or twice on top of the pasta, then top with salt and pepper, the Parmesan, and the crushed red pepper. 



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  1. This looks delicious. I make almost exactly this, except I use lemon pepper instead of the crushed red. If I'm feeling fancy, I throw in broccoli, a sliced up kielbasa, and corn. Corn sounds weird until you try it, but I've been a fan.

    Seriously though, try lemon pepper sometime :)

    1. That does sound good. That's the beauty of lazy day pasta. You can throw in whatever and it usually still tastes good :)


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