Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Weekend

Well it's official. I'm a card carrying Catholic. After about 7 months of weekly classes, this past weekend, during the Saturday night Easter Vigil, I was welcomed into the Church with my other RICA peeps (idk, that word was just the first to pop into my head so I figured I'd go with it. Plus it seemed Easter appropriate).

The day was an especially hectic one. It started out with an 8:15 a.m. prayer vigil, then fusion class, then hair appointment, then mani-pedi (I know those last 2 don't sound so hectic, but a pre-conversion nap would have been nice) all before the 8 p.m., 3 hour Easter service. If I look half asleep in the picture below (with my sister in law, and sponsor, Stacy) that's because I was. I was so tired I could barely enjoy the post service celebration, were champagne was served, which seemed almost symbolic considering the church I was leaving behind. Had this been a Baptist celebration, which is what I grew up as, that champagne would have been sparkling grape juice.

On Sunday, we went over to Joe's parent's house for Easter brunch. There was, of course, a ton of yummy food. In the weeks leading up to Easter, having given up chocolate for lent, I had full intentions of baking up a chocolate storm. Basically all the chocolate recipes on pinterest were on my list. I had high ambitions. When reality set in that all that baking takes time, which I didn't have the day before Easter, I ended up coming to Easter brunch empty handed. Lucky for me, Joe's mom still hands out Easter baskets for the grown ups, so I had plenty of chocolate to attack when I got home. You would have thought I had been lost at sea with no food for a few days. I am not ashamed.

Every year, someone dresses up as the Easter bunny for Joe's nieces (7 girls, no boys) while they are doing their Easter Egg hunt. This year, Joe's youngest brother, T.J., got roped into it. Not everyone was excited to meet the Easter Bunny.

I don't blame her. Giant bunnies who don't blink are terrifying.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and indulging one of the girl's Bieber fever by watching the Justin Bieber movie. Totally only watched it because Joe's niece wanted to... Totally...

Also spent most of the day bothering my sister to send me pictures of her twins in their Easter dresses. Can't even handle the cuteness.

Hope everyone's Easter was a good one!

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