Thursday, March 21, 2013

How March Madness is Ruining My Life + Brittany Fuson

Last year, for his bachelor party, my husband, Joe, and his friends, brothers, and father went out to Vegas for March Madness. They had so much fun they decided to make it an annual event. Awesome.

Yesterday, my husband took off, again with his friends, brothers, and father, for Las Vegas, leaving his poor wife in Kansas City. While my husband is an incredibly hard worker, and deserves a vacation every once in a while, my selfish side doesn't like giving him up for one week a year. While having full control of the remote is nice (season 1 marathon of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" on my DVR? Yes please), and I have a lot of alone time to do things like paint my nails and follow the Pope on Twitter, I miss my Joe Joe :(

In good news, my Brittany Fuson wedding print finally came in the mail this week! Brittany Fuson is an artist who I discovered on a blog I recently started following, Carrie Bradshaw Lied. I loved her sketches and paper products, which include notecards, planners, and prints, just to name a few. I ordered a print I loved, Viranda, even though I really didn't have a place for it. I figured I one day would, and why wait when by that time it may not be available. No one ever said I wasn't a forward thinker :)

I then discovered she does custom prints, and has been featured in many wedding magazines for her custom wedding prints. What better way to commemorate the best day of your life, as well as the most important dress you will ever wear, than through a piece of art? After finally convincing Joe that this was a necessity, I emailed Brittany about the custom print. She was very friendly, and all I had to do was send her some pictures from my wedding. I could not be more happy with the end result! Considering the print currently resides in our bedroom, which means only Joe and I really get to enjoy it, I decided I had to share with the rest of you. Above is a picture of me in my wedding dress, and below is my print!

Graddy Photography

 Visit her website at I know I will when it is time for a maternity sketch (hear that Joe?) :)

And I promise, in my next post I'll finally write about food again.

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