Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Date

Yep. I know this is my 3rd Valentine's Day related post. But it's my first one as a married woman. Please forgive me for being excited.

Being that, again, it was our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, I of course had to (attempt to) look fabulous for our big date.

Notice the self tanner. Years of spray tanning (and yes, actual tanning) have hidden my actual skin color from me for years. After watching a twilight marathon the other night, I looked in the mirror and realized my skin was the same color as the vampires. Darn you Norwegian skin! As a result, my Clarins self tanner came out of retirement this past weekend.

What to wear?

Joe made reservations at a new restaurant on the Plaza, Cooper's Hawk. We had yet to try it, and have heard nothing but good things. Plus, it is also a winery. How can you go wrong?

At the door we were greeted with wine samples. Cooper's Hawk only serves it's own wine, and as far as I'm concerned their wine is very good. Plus, any restaurant that has something like this as a menu option is my kind of place.

The food was great too! We started out with the calari and lobster bisque. Both are items we always order if it is on the menu. Both were great. The calamari portion was huge.

Joe ordered the filet, and I ordered the trio of medallions. It was so good that I got this far through my meal before I remembered I was going to take a picture.

For dessert Joe ordered the Reese's ice cream cookie. Since I gave up chocolate for lent, I couldn't attack it like I wanted to do, but the non-chocolate parts were amazing. 

We ended the night going home, getting into our pjs, and watching a romantic movie. In case you can't read the screen, it says "Munich". Yeah, I know. 

All in all, it was the perfect first Valentine's Day. Exited for a lifetimes more to come :)

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